Medical Marijuana States – Are You Legal Yet?

Medical Marijuana has grown to be one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The quantity of medical marijuana states is increasing each year with New Jersey becoming the most recent state to legalize medicinal cannabis in 2010. It was recently reported that the lots of marijuana dispensaries in the city of Denver Colorado has risen to outnumber the whole amount of Starbucks in the community. This demonstrates just how much of a desire prevails for access to medicinal marijuana and this trend continues to be repeated in many city across the US.

At present there are 14 US states that have endorsed some kind of new authorized medical marijuana laws for individuals. These laws seem to be consistently changing so it can certainly be tough to know exactly where to start. While each state has different rules and regulations, you can find quite a few practical guide lines to keep in mind when trying to find the right hospital or dispensary for your cannabis needs. Be sure to research to regulations and laws of your specific stage before trying to buy or maybe sell medical marijuana.

Therefore if reside in any of the following states and you meet the legal requirements well then you are able to therefore be on your way to discovering the very best legal weed if you finish the marijuana registry application forms for your specific state. Medical Marijuana States and the year of legalization:

* Alaska – 1998
* California – 1996
* Colorado – 2000
* Hawaii – 2000
* Maine – 1999

* Michigan – 2008
* Montana – 2004
* Nevada – 2000
* New Jersey – 2010
* New Mexico – 2007
* Oregon -1998
* Rhode Island – 2006
* Vermont – 2004
* Washington -1998

As the amount of state for this list expands, the medicinal marijuana niche continues its fast growth across the land, providing a lot of states with a much needed resource of revenue. California leads the movement towards detailed legalization of possession of cannabis for any person over twenty one yrs of age in hopes that the new fees created will help their struggling economy This post is not an endorsement for the use of marijuana. I suggest reading through the recognized laws of your state for more information.

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