Masks plus the Flu

In the past few years, in places from Mexico to Asia, outbreaks in flu cases are matched with outbreaks in people sporting surgical masks. Those wearing masks believe they provide at least an amount of shelter against the flu. But, they might be doing much more harm than good.

Lots of individuals are under the myth that these masks are used by doctors to defend themselves from patients when in fact that reverse is true. Surgical masks are made to avoid spittle, mucus etc. from dropping from the doctor inside the open wound of the patient in surgery. A typical mask is not really considered to offer a doctor any sort of protection.

For the wearer of a mask to be protected against the flu, the mask must seal to the facial skin and also the holes must be smaller compared to the virus. Surgical masks do not actually comply with the face area in addition to being offer numerous openings for a virus to pass through. Moreover, the flu virus can easily pass through the mask since the cracks in the weaving tend to be larger than the virus.

Even expensive, quality masks such as the N 95, which could filter out ninety five % of particles down to.3 microns (and a human hair is about 100 microns in diameter) will not be always effective in stopping viruses.

Besides providing the user a false sense of security, surgery masks is usually counterproductive in different ways. By keeping the face warm and moist, numerous mask wearers could be creating conditions that really help the disease make it through and reproduce. The end user might in addition be additional exposed to the disease when the mask is removed and disposed of.

custom mask maker might assist occurs when the wearer probably has the flu. By dealing with the mouth area, masks are able to help avoid an infected person from spreading the disease to others.

Considering the fact that wearing a surgical masks raises ones chance of getting the flu, it is not a good idea to put on 1 unless actually infected.

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