High grade Domain Names

The Domain name of yours is the very first thing that will attract or repel prospective buyers.

Do not scare people off with a poorly conceived URL spend a bit of time exploring just what your intended customers are looking for & title your site accordingly.

Existing Businesses

If you already have a current company & an established clientele then this part of the process is very simple – people searching for the business of yours will search the business name of yours & if that does not work they’ll grow their search with the help of state or city.

But if the business name URL of yours can be purchased obtain it – If not then you will discover a number of techniques you are able to use.

i.e. If the business name of yours is “Tony’s Pizza” & is on Summit Road in Elgin Illinois (No such Pizzeria)

1. Brandable Domains – Tonys-Pizza.com
2. Emphasis – BigTonysPizza.com
3. Property – TonysPizzaParlor.com
4. Address – TonysElginPizza.com / TonysPizza-Summit.com / TonysIllinoisPizza.com

As you can see there are any number of solutions to change a domain name which is already taken, make it your own & have your customers find out you on-line.

New On line Businesses

Imagine you were opening a shop in a nearby shopping mall – Although the title is important all of the men and women visiting the Mall will walk by the store of yours, so still if you called it “Cat Food” & sold “Live Fish” the prospective buyers of yours would remain exposed to your shop.

Not so On line – If you want customers you need a “Premium Domain Name”

A Premium URL isn’t one you have to invest $5000 on, its just one that focuses on motivated buyers & together with your Description makes them click on the website link of yours.

I’m not going to delve very deeply into keyword research here but there are a number of key factors to consider

Overall Search Terms – garments or food / toys or vehicles, all are very basic search terms – People searching it broadly aren’t searching for something in particular.

Specific Search Terms – pants / lobster /dolls / mini, These’re next level keywords they are currently not precise enough conditions to define customers from browsers

Detailed Keywords – Designer Pants / Fresh Lobster Delivery / American Girl Doll or Mini Cooper S – These folks know what they already want & are trying to buy.

Purchase Keywords – Tommy Hilfiger Pants or Cheap Fresh Lobster Delivery / Buy American Girl Dolls / Used Red Mini Cooper

Detailed & Buy Keywords need to be employed in the URL of yours & sub folders to get driven buyers into your website.

Spend some time researching the concept of yours, consider the various terms that someone looking to buy your service or product may well wear.

Consider a Premium Domain Name is an that attracts inspired buyers not browsers.

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