Forex Fact – How Much Do You Really Know?

Here’s 50 questions on Forex! Test yourself – how much do you REALLY recognize?

1. Do you understand that you are involved in FOREX also when you are not trading it?
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2. Do you know that by trading FOREX, you are trading the economic situations of countries?

3. Do you know that the left hand side of the money set is constantly valued at 1?

4. Do you recognize that CHF means Confoederatio Helvetica Franc?

5. Do you recognize that FOREX was only easily accessible to the big gamers such as banks and also MNCs in the past?

6. Do you know that by using utilize, a plain $250 can regulate as much as $100,000 in FOREX?

7. Do you understand that there are no tax obligations in FOREX trading?

8. Do you know that your trading method is the LEAST essential in FOREX?

9. Do you understand that ANYONE can be successful in FOREX trading?

10. Do you understand that FX1 Academy is just one of minority institutions that educate extensively on a trader’s mindset?

11. Do you understand that trading more frequently does not equivalent to a lot more profits?

12. Do you know that the British Pound was the reserve money of the world prior to the US Dollar?

13. Do you know that no one has ever prospered in combating with the FOREX market?

14. Do you recognize that you can make extra in one trade than what the financial institutions give you in a year?

15. Do you recognize that compared to supplies, there is no expert trading in FOREX?

16. Do you understand that if the EURO relocates a simple 5 cents in a EUR/USD profession, you would make USD5,000?

17. Do you understand that George Soros made a trendy ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN ONE DAY in 1992 from the FOREX Market?

18. Do you know that FOREX is the LARGEST monetary market worldwide with a daily trading volume in excess of 3.5 trillion United States Dollars?

19. Do you recognize that FOREX has the HIGHEST utilize compared to all other economic instruments?

20. Do you understand that FX1 Academy is the LARGEST FOREX Academy in Asia?

21. Do you understand that Singapore is the 3rd LARGEST monetary centre worldwide?

22. Do you recognize that Singapore is the 2nd LARGEST Forex Spot Market in Asia as well as 5th on the planet?

23. Do you know that unlike the stocks, futures or choices market, FOREX is not regulated by any type of main governing body?

24. Do you know that you can expand $10,000 to ONE MILLION DOLLARS safely in 5 years by making simply 3 trades a month?

25. Do you recognize that you DO NOT require to pay compensations in FOREX?

26. Do you recognize that 80% of all FOREX trades worldwide is purely speculative?

27. Do you know that the FOREX Market is huge enough to pay everyone on the planet 600 US Dollars DAILY?

28. Do you recognize that you can earn a profit in FOREX despite market direction?

29. Do you know that Kathy Lien’s publication, “Day Trading the Currency Market” is the most effective SELLING FOREX publication of all time?

30. Do you know that Ed Ponsi’s publication, “Patterns & Probabilities” is the 2nd BEST SELLING FOREX book of perpetuity?

31. Do you know that FX1 Academy is closely related to the 2 world-renowned FOREX specialists, Kathy Lien & Ed Ponsi?

32. Do you understand that gold costs have an 85% favorable connection with AUD/USD?

33. Do you understand that the FOREX Market is open 1 day a day from Mondays to Fridays?

34. Do you understand that you can trade FOREX throughout the globe with simply an internet link as well as a laptop/mobile phone?

35. Do you know that you can start trading FOREX with simply USD200?

36. Do you know that Asia is positioned to be the centre of globe large riches in the following 10 years?

37. Do you understand that in 2003, Daimler Chrysler made even more cash in FOREX than it did selling cars?

38. Do you understand that in June 2008, the currency exchange rate of the brand-new Zimbabwe buck was 6,164,500,000 Zimbabwe dollars per 1 U.S. dollar?

39. Do you know that the FOREX Market is 50 TIMES LARGER than all the global futures market COMBINED?

40. Do you recognize that if I paid you USD1,000 per second, it would take me 112 years to pay you what the FOREX Market sells A DAY?

41. Do you know that you can NEVER LOSE more than what you started your FOREX account with?

42. Do you know that many financial institutions make concerning 50% of their revenue through the FOREX Market?

43. Do you understand that compared to 8,000 stocks in the United States equity market, there are just 7 significant currencies in the FOREX Market?

44. Do you understand that oil prices have an 87% positive connection with CAD/JPY?

45. Do you understand that you can exercise on a FREE DEMO account before trading in a LIVE account?

46. Do you understand that it takes you LESS than a minute to go into a FOREX trade?

47. Do you recognize that the everyday FOREX quantity is BIGGER than the COMBINED ANNUAL GDP of Australia, South Korea, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden?

48. Do you know that 3 million traders can draw 1 million dollars each from the FOREX Market DAILY?

49. Do you understand that some FOREX brokers pay YOU to trade with them?

50. Do you recognize that over the next couple of years, the FOREX market is positioned to strike an overwhelming 7 trillion United States bucks daily?

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