Exciting Gimmicks for Beer

I’ve never needed a gimmick to consume a beer. I am not certain why brewers use them. If they make a good beer, the beer world will find the word out there. No need for gimmicks, the beer is the reward.

But, some brewers prefer to catch the attention of the beer enthusiast community with awesome little gadgets which don’t make the beer taste any better. They do not offer any significance to the true beer itself. They’re just gimmicks to make us seem like how a flash in a pan attracts our attention. Occasionally it works.

The End of History Beer is an educated beer brewer which claims to stay away from mainstream and conformity. But, what they are doing with their bottling is something that is rather extraordinary.

Of course, you have a look at the bottle coming from the tree’s mouth and you think it’s a bogus squirrel. You can not possibly envision it being a real squirrel because that would imply either they murdered the squirrel just to stuff it with their bottle or they scraped it off the side of the street. Well, Fooddy prodotti alimentari online is much more accurate. However, the road kill squirrel has been to the taxidermist and treated appropriately until they stuffed a beer bottle where the sun does not shine.

When beer sales go down, gimmicks come out of the woodwork. The Vortex jar makes the beer swirl as it comes out of the throat. I am not sure what that is supposed to perform for the flavor of the beer. However, it is a neat little gimmick which may enhance beer sales.

If I’m pouring my beer into a glass, that I never do, I’m sure I will get beer that just rolled over the ridges in the throat and came out as ordinary as any other beer does. But if I drink it out of the bottle, that’s where I believe I’ll find most of my difficulty.

I do not need a swirling beer that bullets out of the throat such as White Water from the Rockies. That is a fantastic way to look like an amateur drinker or a moron in front of your friends. A fantastic hint would be to practice drinking at home before you try that suggestion in a party.

The Cold Tag

This really is the best of all since I never know when my beer is cold. I don’t have any clue how to reach in the refrigerator and feel the bottle to make sure that I’m picking a cold beer. I’ve frequently complained to my friends I just wish there was a tiny gadget that I could use to discover if my beer is cold. All of a sudden out of nowhere, my prayers were answered.

The label turns blue to indicate to me, an obvious beer amateur, that my beer is cold. I enjoy the fact that they chose blue as that’s the universal symbol for cold. If it had been green or red, I might be perplexed wondering what that could possibly mean.

Gimmicks only push the cost of beer up since we have to pay for the new gadget that attracts our attention. But, don’t you believe that it’s somewhat disrespectful? These beer brewers are treating their clients like morons who go for gimmicks rather than creating the awesome ability of being able to understand what simply tastes great to us.

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