Cape Town Shark Cage Diving – An Experience of a Lifetime

Shark cage diving is very popular all around the world as well as the seas around Cape Town offer a good opportunity to build up close up as well as personal with these behemoths as they’re home to large numbers of Great White sharks. There are lots of cases of sharks breaching in Cape waters. Such a thing happens if the shark stalks its prey and positions itself below the intended target before moving itself upwards, breaking the surface of the water. This terrible attack typically stuns or destroys the prey right away.

A typical morning for the shark cage enthusiast involves an early morning breakfast and a drive to among the coastal villages from where the expedition will set off. Safety is of the utmost important and the majority of the equipment is checked and double checked and everyone involved is briefed on the safety protocols which have to be adopted throughout the day. Operators may require green living incredibly earnestly and also encounter rigid licensing procedures.

The waters around Seal Island is very famous spot for shark cage diving. Seal Island contains a huge population of seals and is a favorite hunting ground for Great Whites which often patrol the area for stragglers amongst the seals returning or leaving to the island.

scuba diving vacation will circle Seal Island on a boat that is going to give everyone a good view of the tens of thousands of seals which inhabit the island. The boat skipper will then find a good space to drop anchor and a secure cage with divers inside it will be lowered into the water.

Sharks are exceedingly inquisitive and these creatures usually arrive within minutes to examine the cage along with divers more closely. It’s a unique alternative to observe these hunters of the strong in their pure environment. Great White Sharks are officially listed as being an endangered species and they’re taken care of with respect. Shark cage diving in Cape Town is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this old hunter from up close.

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