A number of Proxies Server

Multiple proxy servers include extra protection layer for a shield against privacy. Websites visited in proxy servers are only capable to cache information about proxy servers and not the particular online connection.

Sometimes, these servers are too bombarded, forcing users to watch out for new servers. The most practical solution in such issues is multiple proxy servers, which allow the platform to jump to the next server, as soon as the first is inaccessible.

How to use multiple proxies

Check the World Wide Web and point the web browser to the site for the Proxy Firewall. It’s widely thought to be among the most effective proxy software, wherein users get a free of charge copy.

Install and install the firewall. Scroll till you receive the proxy firewall shot at the center of the page. Click screen shot or join below it which states’Proxy firewall download’. When asked if you wish to save or run the application, choose’run’ option to install the proxy firewall on the computer system.

Steps to Consider

Insert proxy servers to the firewall program. Open it by double clicking the icon in your system tray or desktop . Click the button to add a proxy. Examine the sort of proxy.

Select okay after filling information on the proxy server you wish to add. Contain more proxies and replicate the process. For every program on the computer, configure rules. Each time a new program is launched, the proxy firewall finds it. The program then asks if you would like to permit the program to immediately access the net or whether it should use proxies.


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